Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Birthday,

On a day like to day, in 2007 I wrote my first post for the blog. The day was a Friday. I had several plans in mind. Which would be possible with several things available:

  • a mouth piece.
  • a woman.
  • credibility.
A mouth piece for I had many words to say. The mouth piece would have an international character for that would actually place some distance between me and the blog. The domain name had several legal issues sorted and limited to the ownership of the domain other than the host. This would limit possibilities of the domain being taken for violation of some internet laws.

A woman because, all my adult life, I had been used to being around a girl. When I had lost the girl I had been around with, I noticed my abilities dwindled. I needed companionship. I had started with some fasting and prayer for this woman before I eventually proposed on the day like tomorrow after several confirmations. She had been a friend for quite a while. And she came from home. On Saturday, 29th September, 2007, I proposed to her and she agreed.

Credibility because the problem I had required it. For I had stayed 6 or 7 years without the ability to speak what I had gone through in the year 2001. What I was still going through to get for myself a breakthrough from the problem I was in.

I did not have many words at first. I did not plan to post so frequently but to do so as time allowed.

I did not consider putting adverts on the blog for that in the end clouds the credibility of the blog content. Adverts would always make me post what I don't need to being driven by the requirement for gain. I might still put adverts on this blog for its content seems to be relevant still to several audiences though the blog has been absolutely static for a while.

This is 28th September, 2015. There are still many options to use the domain for. But today, Happy Birthday,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Uwemi wa Hala

I had a friend when I was at Chancellor College. She was my friend from first year to fourth year and was still a friend when I got to Mzuzu University to do my Master of Science degree.
My friend, Rachel Chavula, whom I did not consider myself to be in a sexual relationship with though I did propose to her once while at Chancellor College, got Married to Chrispine Sibande.
They gave a name to their first born child, Uwemi Wa Hara. When I saw the name publicly shown, it occurred to me that the child might be the reason I have had a lot of conflicts with the members of family of Chrispine Sibande’s side.
The Ambiguity of the name, Uwemi Wa Hara, do in some sense mean that I might have left her a virgin. In some other sense, having your virgin friend of a long time such as I had been with Rachel Chavula, is utter stupidity. Therefore, Uwemi Wa Hara, might also have meant to did my honors to my long time friend in giving her a child before she got married. I do not consider this a good thing. Nor do I think I ever gave her a child, unless perhaps, I gave her a child subconsciously with amnesia so that I should not remember.
For all I know, I have never had sex with Rachel Chavula. This is utter stupidity to some but it is what I approve: to respect her virginity until marriage.
me & my girlfriend(2007-2009)
For the sake of my heartbreak, I should not have to pull my woman around where to go and not to go. If Rachel Chavula decided to marry Chrispine Sibande, then perhaps, Chrispine might have wanted me to have a child with Rachel, his virgin wife, but this is something I can not do for that would be a heart break to my girlfriend.

Whatever the name means, I am sure, its nothing to do with me.

Update (19th January 2016)

I have just seen this post today

I am sure it explains the meaning of the name given to the child who was born Uwemi to Rachel Chavula Sibande.
But I am not sure yet why I seem to be implicated in conflict with the Sibande concerning her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Acknowledgments, Disclaimer and Kind

On this blog, is my thought, revelations, and my research through the internet, various books and newspapers.

The issues reflect my personal frustrations, my pains, and some realities of life.

2009 at the onset of the conflicts that started with the quota system, I wrote an article, it also carried my personal frustration to have worked so hard to get educated and find no better life.

I have met personally many students who stopped their education in this year 2009. I have personally encouraged them to still go ahead and do school.

Even though I have no salary to this day for various reasons I don't know, my life is better off because of the education I have received, my personal initiative to study, and my faith in God.

I can do things, through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

It is hard to be regarded useless and your work to receive too little appreciation and be paid on charity when you do really need the wages you deserve. At the moment I decided to put that statement, I really I hard desire to prove my capability. As I have said, on this blog, is my thought, my research through the internet, and also revelations (called it revealed knowledge).

Some might have been heart pursuing what I said, some have been helped, some have been encouraged. I have personally met and encouraged my more in person. It has always been my pleasure to see them succeed.

I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

I have not resolved any big problem without praying to God.

I have not done any work at office without praying to God.

I have not played my piano without praying to God.

I have always known what to do after prayer.

In most of my actions, I see the points of failure, and I pray that I go beyond these points of failure.

I talked with someone, suppose you have three people who are preparing for exams. One is reading prayerfully, one is praying but not reading, one is just reading without praying. Which of these would you expect to do better in their exams?

It is my opinion, the one reading prayerfully will achieve much more on the basis of his hard work, and God's answers to prayer.

The one just reading, will do more on the basis of his hard work.

The one who just prays, might succeed where he would really have failed, and it becomes very obvious to him the work of God.

No one comes to the Father in heaven except through His only begotten son Jesus Christ, who was conceived of the Holy Spirit, was born of the virgin Mary, suffered under Potentius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried, the third day, he rose again from the dead, ascended into heaven from whence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.

In him, Jesus Christ, I live and move and have my being.